Reputation Management

I have a feeling that my reputation is about to take a battering.

A friend of mine just started a better paying job around the same time as moving house. She says she’s feathering the nest, which is what led her to buy a vibrator online.

I imagine she was just Googleing Daniele De Rossi and I guess it was one of those impulse items…well, impulsing items.

Not wanting to be embarrassed at her new job, the device has been addressed to me and posted to my work. No doubt it will arrive in the ‘discrete packing’ those websites always promise, with which, the lack of branding is likely to cause the kind of suspicion that causes a well meaning receptionist pry it open.

I’m sure I’ll survive. I’ve been in far more embarrassing situations. Like the time I locked my keys in my car out the front of the Planned Parenthood office in Sydney, but was too scared to ask to borrow a coat hangar.

The only way to survive embarrassment, without permanent scaring, is to cut it off at the pass – own it before it owns you. It is in this spirit that I’ll be putting the finishing touches on my tampon brooch this evening.


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