Oh, just say it…

I hate when people compliment you on something you’re wearing when all they really want to do is point out that they noticed it and think it’s ridiculous.

Like when they say “Hey, Jordan. Nice bonnet”. They don’t mean it. It’s not really a compliment, it’s sarcasm for beginners.

Still, non-meteorological small talk is such a rare treat. It tends to bothers me less than being asked what my plans are for the weekend. As least with the weather I might have something to talk about. “Yes, this snow is awful. I’m going to hire the Sydney Roosters to snort up my driveway”.

I’m a huge fan of small talk. It’s like a goose down cushion between me and the laborious intimacy that is required to learn enough about someone to have a meaningful conversation.

I like to think of my brain as “me territory”, there really isn’t room for someone else’s details, like special dates, how many kids they have, diseases they’ve overcome or are currently fighting, or their surname.

So this morning when I was asked “How are you doing?” my response was “I’m looking great.” Let them mull the confidence of my statement, as I snigger in my turn. I got away without having to ask them a question, the answer to which, I simply don’t have the capacity to remember.

Shout out | To Israel, who will not even entertain an international investigation into the boat incident. They haven't just cut off the debate, they've circumcised it.


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